a web series about virtual items

“World of Skins” will be the first web series about the multibillion dollar phenomena
growing around ingame items, featuring some of its most popular celebrities.


The Idea

I stumbled into the world of virtual items over a year ago. It was stunning how huge this community was and how crazy the markets with skins was growing.

After I tried to figure out everything, my Filmmaker Mind hat the idea to pack all this informations and stories into a movie - first idea: a documentary. Second idea: a webseries.

The Characters

I got in touch with some of the most importend personalities in the scene and they agreed to be part of this idea:

- McSkillet
- roflm0nster
- Sparkles
- SlimeFACE
- SkyLineR
- many more


At the moment we are looking for partnerships/sponsorings to finance the first episodes of the series.

We will also start a patreon project to get support from users and viewers of the show.

The Production

Everything is settled and planed. As soon as we get the funds to produce the first episodes we are good to roll and release ``WORLD OF SKINS - S01E01`` on YouTube.

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