The turnover of in-game items, i.e., virtual weapons and other items in computer games, amounted to $48 billion in 2016. Meanwhile, a massive industry and an enormous community have grown up around this, which is centered around this phenomenon every day.

One of the biggest Games with a huge ammount on virtual items and weapons is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, developed by VALVE.

In “The World of Skins” we want to penetrate this world, make it accessible to the viewer, explain what happens there every day and how people earn money with it. Lots of money.

To show the different facets, we bring some people into the camera who tell us their story in this world.


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There are different ways to help us making this movie.

First of all is our Kickstarter Campaign. You can support us on Kickstarter and you will get nice rewards. The Kickstarter Project didnt work out as we expected, but we still want to produce the Movie. Thats why we are trying to get as many funds as possible through this website. Find all the Infos about this project below.

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We are already in contact with these 5 People, they already agreed to be part of this movie and the script is written.

The Idea is not to just let them sit down in front of a camera. We want to show their personality, how they live and listen to their story that brought them into the World of Skins.

We also want to explain how this community works, what is the crucial factor for prices of items, how did the market work and why are there items that are worth 10.000 or 100.000 of Dollars.

How did this began, how can people make money with pixel weapons and what is the controversial part of this world?

Now we need your help to make this movie reality, we need you help to fund and produce this documentary.

What do we need the money for?

The Money is for the poduction of this movie. The Core-Team has to travel around the world to visit the personalities and talk to them in front of the camera. The Core-Team are 3 People: 1 Camera-Operator, 1 Audio-Guy and Richard, the Director.

After visting some countries and filming the interviews, we need to produce a movie out of the tons of material. So a lot of watching stuff, cutting, post-production has to be done. At the end there will be Voice-Overs and Audio Engineers that have to be paid as well.

The 5 personalities in „THE WORLD OF SKINS“


The OG, the Legend.

His YouTube Channel about CS:GO Skins has 800.000 Subscriber and he is the number 1 Source for Skin related News and Rumors. He knows every rare Skin, every special item that got unboxed and get his hands on the most exclusive collector inventories.


Trading Expert

The CS:GO Trading Expert and former High Tier Skin Trader is doing Livestreams on Twitch for around 50.000 Follower. Everyone can have their Items Price checked on Stream and watch him do risky Trade Ups and discover special or very rare Items.



The Pro Gamer and Youtuber with 2 Million Subscribers is part of the CS:GO Community from the beginning and experienced every up and down of the skin history. He has a lot if insights and knowledge about the world of skins.


The Designer

The fulltime Designer created 9 official Skins for the Game. The most famous are the AK-47 Bloodsport, the P250 Wingshot or the G3SG1 Ventilator. Many other creations are loved by thousands of gamers.


The Collector

He was the Collector with the most exclusive inventory in the game. He owned the rarest and most exclusive Skins in the world and was always on the hunt for the next special item.


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